Our Approach

CPRL’s Theory of Action


  • Attracts talented students from multiple graduate schools to study how organizations rapidly and constantly improve
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  • Empowers students with the capabilities managers and leaders need to help education organizations be more agile and effective
  • Enhances student learning and education organizations’ ability to rapidly and constantly improve through affordable, high-quality consulting services, tools and training
  • Disrupts counterproductive boundaries in professional education between disciplines, theory and practice, individual and systemic learning, and learning and service
  • Motivates alumni to pursue careers in public service with CPRL clients and other education organizations

Then CPRL will:

  • Widen the pool of capable, professionally diverse managers dedicated to improving public education
  • Enhance public education organizations’ access to robust, affordable consulting support and usable research and tools
  • Magnify higher education’s role in improving public education and public life

By achieving these goals, CPRL will expand and equalize access to high-quality education for all children.