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Our program combines a rigorous seminar, practical skills training, and an immersive client-facing consulting project to prepare leaders. We offer our program in the fall and spring semesters to graduate students at 25 professional programs at Columbia University and other universities around the country apply to our program.


Our Application Process

Attend an Info Session to learn more. See our schedule of Info Sessions here.

CPRL's full-semester program is offered each Spring (January - early May) and Fall (September - December). 

The application for the Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters is now available here.

The application for CLS students is now available here.

For information about the deadline, please refer to the "Application Deadlines" section below.

As part of the application, you are asked to prepare three documents as PDFs:

  1. A resume or CV
  2. An unofficial graduate school transcript (if you are in your first semester, please submit the unofficial transcript showing your course list, without grades)
  3. Written responses to two application prompts (in one combined document):
    1. PROMPT A. In 500 words or less, please explain what attracts you to this course and what skills, experiences, interests, and aspirations you bring to it. 

    2. PROMPT B. Consider the following scenario. A medium-sized urban school district has decided to create a new electronic system to track student academic results and provide teachers a snapshot of student performance that includes an analysis of student strengths and challenges. 

      The district has engaged CPRL to make recommendations for the design (i.e., key features) and implementation (roll-out and use) of the system.

    • In CPRL’s kick-off call with the client point, the district’s Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation, the team learned a few critical pieces of information: 

      1. The district’s board and superintendent are invested in this strategy and have allocated significant board meeting discussion time to it. There is also sufficient funding allocated to the project in the district’s budget.

      2. Alongside CPRL’s work, the district will be conducting an RFP for a technology organization to customize a platform to the district’s needs. The client plans to have this organization use CPRL’s design recommendations.

      3. The district’s teachers generally have limited access to and training in the use of computer-based platforms. 

    • In 250 words or less, answer the following questions in narrative, bullet, outline, or another form: 

      1. What key steps might your team take over the course of the project to provide the requested recommendations for the design and implementation of the system? 

      2. The school district has asked your project team to address all important educational, legal, operational, change management, and policy considerations likely to arise in developing the new data system. Name 1-3 challenges the district and/or your team might encounter over the course of the project and suggest steps your team might take to address them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Scholar Awards provide financial support toward students’ home tuition during their participation in CPRL. To be eligible for a CPRL Scholar Award, students must make a legally enforceable commitment to work three of the first five years after graduation in a full-time government or non-profit position in or supporting the PK-12 public education sector.

There are two types of Scholar Awards. Students who plan to work in countries other than Brazil may be eligible for awards of up to $20,000.

The second type of Scholar Award is made possible thanks to support from the Lemann Foundation. The Lemann Scholar Awards are available to students who are Brazilian and plan to work in Brazil. These students are eligible for awards up to $30,000. Non-Brazilian students willing to fulfill the qualifying employment requirement in Brazil may be considered for the Lemann scholar award on a case-by-case basis. 

The CPRL Scholar Award Application is optional.

If you are applying to participate in the Spring 2023 semester and wish to apply for a CPRL Scholar Award, please complete BOTH:

The Scholar Award application after you have submitted the online application to the CPRL program.

The Financial Aid Data Form, with the support of your Financial Aid office, which will then submit the form on your behalf.

CPRL Scholar Award applications are due on Friday, November 4 at 5 PM ET.

Per our agreement with Vanderbilt Peabody, Peabody students do NOT need to complete an Academic Financial Aid Data Form to be considered for a CPRL Scholar Award. 

If you are applying to participate in a semester later than Spring 2023, please note that you will be asked to reapply the semester before your anticipated semester of participation so that we can consider your most up-to-date financial aid package.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


All applications must be received by 5 PM ET on the day of the deadline.

Other graduate schools that are not listed below have not formalized a partnership with CPRL at this time. If you believe your school should be listed here, or if your graduate school is not currently a CPRL partner and you are interested in working with your school to join the CPRL, please email

Fall 2022 Application Deadlines

*CLS 1L students will apply using the application on this page. CLS 2L and 3L students will apply to CPRL through the Experiential Learning Common Application on LawNet.

**NYU School of Law students will apply to CPRL through CAMS.  

Still Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ page. You can also contact us at