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Rewiring Public Education

We partner with entities across the education sector to transform how systems work – how they make decisions; define success; motivate action; support and scale high-quality services; solve problems; and define, generate, capture, share, and spread knowledge. Powered by a new operating logic and research-based practices for leading change, our teams co-produce with those inside systems policies and practices that work for students, families, educators, and communities. 

Our approach serves triple duty: solving our clients’ pressing problems, achieving equity-focused systems change, and training graduate students to see and enact this new logic for remaking our public institutions, starting with public education, over the long-term.

We provide high-quality and affordable consulting and research services for state departments of education, school districts, charter school organizations, philanthropies, school support organizations, non-profit organizations in public education, and other social sectors -- we've worked with more than 250 entities to date.

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What We Do

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Organizational Learning, Measurement, and Improvement

Ongoing, rapid improvement driven by diagnostic assessment and structured problem-solving

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Strategic and Management Support

Support with strategy design and implementation to strengthen systems

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Research and Program Evaluation

Quantitative and qualitative applied research for formative and summative purposes

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Legal and Policy Analysis

Legal, policy, and advocacy strategies and research for meaningful change

Content Expertise

Aerial image of a suburban neighborhood in the United States
Systemwide innovation and transformation
Systemwide innovation and transformation
Young black male talking with a white male in a city neighborhood
Schools and school systems as participatory democracies
Schools and school systems as participatory democracies
Elementary school-aged, white female student in a classroom with a tablet
Evidence-based instructional materials and professional learning
Evidence-based instructional materials and professional learning
Male facilitator in front of a whiteboard, leading a training session with adult attendees
Reimagining the educator workforce
Elementary aged Latino student seated in a classroom surrounded by his peers with a pencil in hand
Enabling philanthropies to adapt and scale what works
Enabling philanthropies to adapt and scale what works

Our Approach: Evolutionary Learning

Central to our research and consulting support is Evolutionary Learning, an approach that offers a disciplined method of organizational learning and improvement. The approach guides individuals, teams, and organizations in structuring everyday activities as carefully observed tests to reveal progressively better ways to improve and achieve their desired impact. Evolutionary Learning is both a set of tools for effectively delivering promising strategies and a model of organization and governance that puts continuous improvement at the core of what organizations and their leaders, staff, and stakeholders do—day in, day out.

Learn more about Evolutionary Learning.