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Spotlight: COVID-19 and Schools

Systems Upgrade: Central Offices Join the Tech Revolution

The sudden shift to remote learning not only propelled the use of technology in classrooms but also its use in school and district operations. In their recent blog post, CPRL's Liz Chu and Madeline Sims share their ideas for how these experiences with technology can upgrade hiring, PD, and more!

Remote and Hybrid Learning Have Been Difficult for Students

In their article, CPRL Exeuctive Director Elizabeth Chu along with Erika Halsted, executive director at Minds Matter, and Jenna Yuan, director of communications at Student Voice and freshman at Columbia University, offer eight tips teachers can use to help high schoolers thrive despite the challenges created by hybrid and remote learning. Based on conversations with high schoolers from across the country, the authors offer practical next steps. Read their article in The 74 and share it with the hashtags #RISEtoThrive, #RedefineEducation, and #EducationalEquity

State Accountability Systems in the COVID Era and Beyond

In a series of conversations hosted by the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), CPRL Executive Director Liz Chu and 10 other policy experts describe the challenges school systems face in the absence of state exam data and other measures previously used to assess student learning and monitor progress towards more equitable outcomes. Read Liz's remarks and more in the report “State Accountability Systems in the COVID Era and Beyond,” published by CRPE. 

Want to "Build Back Better"? Start with Families

In an op-ed, Liz Chu, CPRL's Executive Director, and Madeline Sims, Director of Consulting and Legal Strategy at CPRL, discuss the inclusion of families into the “instructional core,” a move they see in more successful examples of distance learning. Informed by conversations with leaders, stakeholders, and experts, they describe what this move means and observe that family participation provides a model for more democratic and racially just communities. Read their op-ed in The New Haven Register.

Strategic Teaming: Working Together Better

Learning Forward invited CPRL Executive Director Liz Chu and Evolutionary Learning Fellow Michael Arrington to discuss the tools school leaders and teachers need to effectively collaborate in distance learning environments. In their article, Liz and Mike describe strategic teaming resources, which were created in partnership with districts, schools, and education nonprofits. These teaming resources help school leaders and staff remain responsive to students' academic and social-emotional learning even when teaching in remote or hybrid settings.

Here’s How To Do Remote Learning

CPRL Executive Director Liz Chu and Shannon Marimón, the Executive Director of ReadyCT, offer advice on distance learning. Liz and a CPRL team partnered with Shannon and other leaders in Connecticut to learn about what went well in Spring 2020 with distance learning and what could go better. They shared these thoughts in an op-ed published in The New York Daily News.

Distance Learning Resources for States and School Districts

With so many unknowns about the coming school year, we are pleased to offer guidance for creating district- and school-wide remote learning plans. This guidance, which is the result of collaboration between us, the Connecticut State Department of Education, and leaders and educators from across the state, is designed to help districts create remote learning plans that attend to the needs of all students.

Other News

CPRL Report Aids Legislation to Support Military-Connected Families

Project Director Meghan Snyder and team's report on the Purple Star School Designation Program was referenced in legislation introduced in New Mexico to increase support for military-connected families. With unanimous bipartisan support, it was signed into law by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grishamon on April 6. 

Accelerating Network-Based Change

Learning acceleration must include rapid improvement in how system leaders facilitate change. In an op-ed, CPRL staff members Liz Chu, Ayeola Kinlaw, and Meghan Synder argue this point, using findings from their 2-year study of improvement networks funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Read the op-ed in Teachers College Record.

Networks for School Improvement Year 2 Update

CPRL Executive Director Liz Chu discussed findings from our 2-year formative evaluation of Networks for School Improvement (NSI) in a webinar hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which invests in NSI. 

The Ruling that Got Race All Wrong

As part of our commitment to advancing racial equity, we also renewed our commitment to use the law as a meaningful lever for pursuing equity. We summarized some of those ideas in this op-ed published in The New York Daily News.

Straight Up Conversation: Liz Chu on Research and Leadership

Check out the conversation between Rick Hess and CPRL's Executive Director, Liz Chu, published on Hess's Ed Week Straight Up blog.

Improvement as a Series of Learning Opportunities

Read a blog written by CPRL's Deputy Director of Quality and Improvement, Kimberly Austin, explaining our improvement methodology and approach.