Scheherazade Salimi

Scheherazade is a Senior Director of Legal Strategy and Policy at CPRL. At CPRL she provides legal and policy advice to clients and directs teams on consulting projects addressing a legal right to education, evaluation of high quality instructional materials, and development of kindergarten-post-secondary data systems. Additionally, she supports Project Directors and Associates in the delivery of high-quality deliverables. Prior to joining CPRL, Scheherazade was managing owner of Spark Education LLC, where engagements included launching a new venture philanthropy fund, providing legal analysis of governance options for a school district’s universal enrollment system, developing a successful grant proposal to support students with significant behavioral challenges, and providing strategy advice for the deployment of a $250 million fund to promote facilities equity for public charter schools. Scheherazade also served as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Mayor for Education in Washington, D.C. whereby she oversaw a number of high-impact policy initiatives on school funding, special education, enrollment policy, public education facilities, and community engagement. Scheherazade has a BA in philosophy from Columbia University and JD from the New York University School of Law.